Supportman Sale

Supportman Sale

Supportman brings Intercom ratings and metrics into Slack where support teams already live. It helps the support team know how they are doing and keep track of the feedback from their users.


  • Conversation ratings
  • Reminders
  • Smart Notifications
  • Weekly Reports
All in Slack
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Asking Price




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Paying Users

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Only one user has ever churned.
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Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Heroku
  • Chargebee/Stripe



  • Intercom - $50
  • Heroku - $7
  • Versoly - $15

Customer Acquisition

Most users have been acquired through the Intercom App marketplace. Supportman has a good spot there in the marketplace and still gets new users through this channel organically.

Growth Opportunity

Focusing on sales. There are some bigger B2B companies that are interested in Supportman with over 100 support agents. (Have one of these currently trialing). Could easily charge these size of companies $300+/mo.

Why am I selling?

I have another SaaS business that I am spending my time on and want to fully focus on it.


A couple other features such as settings that aren't in this video but you get the idea.
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